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Forwood for life owner and insurance adviser Frank Wood has 25 years of industry experience behind him and with that comes the knowledge a great deal of New Zealander’s insurance plans are not cost-effective. 
Frank Wood
Frank specialises in Level to 80 premium insurance as he believes it works better for those getting on in years, particularly if signed up for in their 30’s.
The main benefit of this type of insurance being that for the next 44 and 41 years respectively, the couple would continue to pay the exact same amount each month.

No increases in premiums would allow them to continue paying and therefore keep the insurance they may require in their latter years.

Alternatively, the same couple nearing their 60's who have what Frank terms 'throw away insurance' could be paying premiums upwards of $500 a month depending on their requirements and health.
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Invercargill Insurance Adviser Frank Wood of Forwood For Life was chosen to be the flag bearer and represent new Zealand at (MDRT) Million Dollar Round Table annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia in June 2011.

Providing inspiration, ideas & solutions to carry you through the year.

The annual MDRT meeting offers its members integral resources to help improve their technical knowledge, sales and clients service, while maintaining high ethical standards.
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MDRT 2011
Frank first started in the Insurance Industry 1989.

He became young agent of the year for FAI Metropolitan Life in 1990.

The following year he was approached to go and work for National Mutual which he became young agent of the year for a first timer for National Mutual.

In 1995 he became southlands young agent of the year for the Life Underwriters Association and in 2001 he qualified for MDRT in which you have to be in the top 5% based on the industry standard of production and ethics World wide and is now a life time qualifying life member for the last 16 years.
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Wood's Family
87 Spey Street
PO Box 1279
Invercargill 9840

Phone: (03) 218-9175
Mobile: 021733112

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